Landowners pay if tree falls on car

Laois County Council has reminded landowners that they are responsible for removing dangerous trees from roadsides.

At the recent Emo area meeting, councillors asked Laois County Council to conduct a tree survey in the area, but were told it would take “inordinate resources” by acting senior engineer Stan Cullen.

Cllr James Deegan suggested the National Roads Authority pay for the survey.

“Some of the trees around Emo were planted in 1801 with a grant from the RDS. Some are rotten in the core. Landowners don’t realise that if one falls, they are totally responsible. I am calling on the NRA to pay for a survey on the secondary routes in our area, to determine the health of these trees and alert the landowner,” he said.

Cllr Mitchell, who had also called for a survey, agreed.

“If landowners got a letter telling them to check the trees, for a start. There is a lot of ivy on trees beside roads and that creates more mass. Even if that was cut back,” he said.

“You want more than a letter, they ignore hedgecutting notices. When a tree falls it costs a fortune,” he said.

The council stated that under the 1993 Roads Act, landowners are obliged to ensure that all structures, trees, hedges etc could not become a danger to people using a public road, including dead or dying trees.




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