Laois must prepare for more extreme weather

Theresa Carter, LEAF co-ordinator

Theresa Carter, LEAF co-ordinator

Storms, floods and winds will increase with global warming, says a Laois environmentalist, who says the emergency services were “caught unawares” by Wednesday’s storm.

“We have to be prepared for more extreme weather. We need our government to have some sort of emergency preparedness,” said Theresa Carter, co-ordinator of Laois Environmental Action Forum (LEAF).

“The council should work closely with community groups to prepare local emergency plans as well as an early warning alert system, perhaps a text alert plan,” she said.

She says the recent storm is a result of global warming and rising sea levels.

“97 percent of climate scientists are in agreement that the climate is changing at an accelerated rate due to human activity,” she said, adding that warming can not be reversed.

“We can only lessen the impact by reducing our dependency on carbon fuels for future generations. We are not going to stop it,” said Ms Carter.

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