Library could house new county museum

Cllr Jerry Lodge believes a county museum should be created within the new library on Main Street Portlaoise, while Cllr Willie Aird has suggested the courthouse building would be a better home for the museum.

At the recent meeting of the Portlaoise Electoral Area in County Hall, Cllr Lodge put forward a motion calling on Laois County Council to examine the feasibility of housing the county museum in the library building after the facility is moved from its current location in Lyster Squre to its new home on the town’s Main Street.

However, Cllr Aird suggested making sure there’s nowhere else more suitable for the new museum.

“Just because there’s a space available, we should use caution,” said Cllr Aird. “I would love to see the court being taken out of there (at the top of Main Street), there’s huge history attached to the court building and it would make a great museum.”

Cllr Aird also stated that the plans for the new library, which is to be located at the former Shaws Department Store building at the bottom of Main Street, have not yet been drawn up.

Cllr Lodge replied that he would like to see a place secured within one of the buildings in the interim.

“If one had available space at the moment, people might donate artifacts of historical interest,” he said.


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