Live register figure on the rise in Laois

Another month and another fluctuation in the local live register figures, with a slight increase in the numbers signing on at the county’s Social Welfare Offices.

The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office reveal that a total of 8,476 people signed on at Laois’ three welfare offices during April this year, an increase of 73 people from March’s figure of 8,403.

As usual, there are more men than women on the register, with men accounting for a substantial 63.5 per cent of the total number to 36.5 per cent women.

The 8,476 total breaks down to 4, 265 signing on in the county town of Portlaoise (2,598 men, and 1,667 women); 3,150 in Portarlington, (1,916 men, and 1,234 women); and 1,061 in Rathdowney (670 men, and 391 women).

The total number of men signing on in Laois in April was 5,184, and the total number of women was 3,292. It seems that age and experience are no guarantee of securing employment in current times, with the vast majority of people on the register (7,088) aged 25 and over, and 1,388 aged under 25 years of age.

Although indicative of a rise in the numbers unemployed, the figure for April 2014 still represents a significant decrease from the same period last year.

In April 2013, there was a total of 8,704 on the live register in Laois. This broke down to 4,296 in Portlaoise (2,740 men, and 1,556 women); 3,316 in Portarlington (2,080 men, and 1,236 women); and 1,092 in Rathdowney (706 men, and 386 women). The number for this month showed that there were 7,213 people on the register aged 25 and over, and 1,491 aged under 25.

This means the live register is down 228 from April 2013 to April 2014, a drop of 2.6 per cent.




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