Live register total down in Laois in 2013

The number of people in Laois on the live register dropped throughout the course of 2013, with the end of year figure for December lower than the number recorded in December, 2012.

Figures sourced from the Central Statistics Office by the Leinster Express reveal that in December 2013, there were 8,614 people on the live register in Laois, 5,370 men and 3,244 women.

Breaking this total down across the different social welfare offices in the county, there were 3,243 signing on the register in Portarlington (2,013 men, and 1,230 women), 4,307 in Portlaoise (2,674 men, and 1,633 women), and 1,064 in Rathdowney (683 men, and 381 women).

This shows a drop of some 212 people from the beginning of 2013, when there were 8,826 signing on the live register in Laois (5,676 men, and 3150 women).

In January 2013, there were 3,377 signing on the live register in Portarlington (2,155 men, and 1,222 women), 4,311 in Portlaoise (2,777 men, and 1,534 women) and 1,138 in Rathdowney (744 men, and 394 women).

The figure for December, 2012, was 8,809 (3,345 on the live register in Portarlington, 4,310 in Portlaoise, and 1,154 in Rathdowney).


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