Maltings site a ‘no man’s land’

The no man’s land of the Maltings site on Coote Street in Portlaoise needs to be secured and made safe, according to Cllr Clare Spollen, before a piece of hoarding blows off and injures someone.

She has called on Laois County Council to contact the owners of the Maltings site, to secure the hoarding back and front of the property and make it safe.

At a recent Portlaoise Town Council meeting in County Hall, Cllr Spollen was told that the county council had erected hoarding there in December last year, but she informed those present that some of it had since come down.

“One of the hoardings blew off and by good luck no one was injured,” she said, adding that there was between six and eight feet of water on the site.

“Put up proper fencing,” she insisted.

Cllr Willie Aird remarked that the site’s owner was NAMA, which left it in “no man’s land”.




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