Midlands jail praised in the face of cuts

Officers guard of honour at the Midlands Prison, Portlaoise.

Officers guard of honour at the Midlands Prison, Portlaoise.

The Midlands Prison in Portlaoise has received a glowing report by the external Visiting Committee which has highlighted that good work is delivered in the face of ‘increasing’ cuts.

The Committee’s job is to ensure the quality of accommodation and other services and facilities at the prison. The committee visits the prison andhears any complaints which may be made to them by the prisoners.

There was a positive report on the Midlands in the annual report published this week.

“The Committee wish to commend all the staff and services attached to the Midlands Prison for their continued work, commitment and dedication and their professional approach, despite the ever increasing lack of resources during the current economic climate in their everyday work in the Prison.

“The air of teamwork helps to enhance the image of the Prison Service as a whole, and greatly contributes to a healthy environment and good general atmosphere throughout the Prison. All are a credit to the Midlands Prison,” said the report.

Collette Fennelly is Chairperson of the committee which meets in the Prison every month.




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