Mountmellick locals help to solve crimes

A brave mother and daughter who chased after a convicted criminal in their car, helped Gardaí to track him down and arrest him, it was heard at a Mountmellick joint policing meeting.

On the day, a suspicious car was first noticed in Mountmellick and Rosenallis, and reported to Gardaí by several concerned residents.

Not long after, a man was seen thieving from a car in Rosenallis, getting into a waiting car and driving off.

The owners of that car, a mother and her daughter, quickly acted by following him at a safe distance, and relaying details of the car and its location back to Gardaí on the phone.

The thief was then stopped by Gardaí. He was described as “a travelling criminal with a lot of convictions” by Inspector Aidan Farrelly.

“We wouldn’t have suspected him of being there,” he said.

The criminal, from Dublin, was subsequently charged and convicted of that theft and other crimes.

Further public co-operation has helped to secure the arrest and charging of a person in relation to a robbery from a business premises in Mountmellick.

CCTV footage recorded at nearby businesses provided “substantial evidence” on the vehicle used in the robbery.

House to house calls by Gardaí and phone calls from the public also helped with the investigation. That case is now with the Director of Public Prosecutions.

A robbery at knifepoint that took place in a Mountmellick business last year, is also awaiting a successful conclusion, due to “great co-operation” from the public.

Inspt Farrelly also praised Mountmellick’s Sergeant, Ingrid Moore and the five gardaí.

“I would like to compliment them on detecting some serious cases, including the robbery in question. It was very well investigated, and there was fabulous support from the community and businesses. The level of co-operation was excellent,” Inspt Farrelly said.

He encouraged the public to report every suspicious incident.

“These are good examples of community co-operation. That’s what we need. We can’t have a guard at every corner,” he said.




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