Nearly €1 million for junction at dump

Widening of a half kilometre stretch of road at the Kyletalesha Landfill junction cost €890,000.

The figure was revealed at Laois County Council’s annual budget meeting.

The high cost for such a short stretch was due to the deep foundations that were necessary on the bog road, according to director of services for roads, Kieran Kehoe.

“A lot of bog material had to be removed, down to six metres in some locations. That had to be filled back with stone so that the road would not subside again. That took about €300,000. We had anticipated that the bulk of the money would be spent on it,” he said.

The junction on the Portlaoise to Mountmellick road is on the busy N80 route, and so the cost of the roadworks was paid by the Department of Transport.

Mr Kehoe said it was a well known dangerous junction, that needed widening to create a safer turning lane on to the Kyletalesha road, where several other businesses including two knackeries are located.

“We all know it was one of the higher risk junctions for accidents, with lorries and traffic turning in to Kyletalesha,” he said.

The roadworks included new lighting and the reconstruction of the first 100metres of the Kyletalesha road. They were completed last autumn.




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