No local contact for burst pipes and leaks

Filling glass of tap water

Filling glass of tap water

Laois people could have to call as far away as Dublin or Mullingar to report a water leak or broken pipe, once Irish Water take responsibilty for the water services next year.

Local councillors are concerned that they are losing contact with the council’s department and will have no way of direclty contacting Irish Water.

This was acknowledged by Irish Water director, John Tierny in a letter to the county manager which was read to councillors.

In his letter he said he was looking at a number of different options for councillors.

However, water customers will continue to contact the council when a problem arises until April of next year.

Cllr James Deegan was concerned about losing contact.

“Now you contact Irish Water and their regional office will contact the council. The contact between the local authority and the council has been broken,” he said.

While Mountmellick councillor, Paddy Bracken was concerned for older people.

“Elderly people sometimes can’t use these facilities,” he said.

Portarlington Councillor Paul Mitchell said he will refuse to pay water charges to Irish Water while there is still fluoride in the water.

“There is an opportunity being lost here to improve the water by taking the fluoride out,” he said.

“Personally, I will not pay for water that has fluoride in it.”

Cllr Deegan also asked if all water sources would now become regionalised.

If there is a shortage of water in Dublin, will our water be used in the Greater Dublin area then,” Cllr Deegan asked?

He said Irish Water will have the say over where the water goes, but the cost of the meters was a question for Irish Water.

The council are also set to loose two water engineers to Irish Water.

John O’Donoghue and Mark McAuley are set to take up full time positions with the water utility company next year.




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