‘Not one penny’ for breaking window

A Mountmellick woman who had “not one penny” of compensation in court was last week given one last chance to compensate the victim of a criminal damage offence.

Lisa Nevin, 37 College Avenue, Mountmellick, was previously ordered to pay €970 after she broke a shop window in Mountmellick during an altercation with her husband on May 12 last year.

Last week, the court heard that the injured party was prepared to accept €480 instead, after the damaged single glazed window was replaced with a double glazed one. However, defence, Mr Philip Meagher said his client did not have any money, as she had recently purchased items for the birth of her twins.

“There’s not one penny here today,” remarked Judge Staines, ordering her to pay €480 by March 20.

“This person has to be paid,” declared the judge.




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