‘Nothing hush hush’ in Fianna Fáil

John Moloney

John Moloney

“There is nothing hush hush” about about how Fianna Fail hold selection conventions, according to John Moloney who is chairman of the party in Laois.

He was speaking after last week’s FF Emo Luggacurren selection convention which had to be abandoned amid confusion and anger over how many candidates the delegates would be allowed to vote for.

Ahead of the meeting delegates understood that they would be allowed to vote for two candidates each from Luggacurren and from Emo, however they learned at the meeting that Fianna Fail headquarters would be picking two candidates, leaving delegates only one vote each from each district.

“The new system was an attempt to involve as many people as possible and three years ago this was voted through unanimously three years ago at the Ard Fheis. This is not a hidden thing and there is nothing hush hush. It was voted through by the membership,” Mr Moloney said.

“There was a difference of opinion between the national body and the local electorate as to how many candidates should be selected. The meeting could not reach agreement and it was decided to postpone the meeting,” he said.




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