O’Moore Place paying upto €60pw for heat

Residents in O’Moore Place are paying up to €60 per week to heat their homes, according to local Councillor, Caroline Dwane.

Town manager, Michael Rainey said it had not been the council’s decision not to insulate O’Moore Place, but they were bound by a circular from the Department of Environment.

Mr Rainey explained that it had not been possible to insulate the houses as they were not cavity walls.

“It’s costing people a fortune to on heating, while other council houses around the county are being upgraded.

The houses are 75 years old, they are very old and very cold,” Cllr Dwane said.

The Sinn Fein Councillor, appealed to the council to look at it for 2014.

“This is badly needed, some of the rents have doubled in the estate. Some people are paying as much as €60 per week to heat their houses, they are very deserving,” she pleaded.

Mr Rainey said the council had been hugely successful at drawing down money from the department to insulate council houses.

“Our initial allocation of €180,000 was doubled and in the end we had between €350,000 and €400,000 to spend. 360 of our housing stock was refurbished on the scheme.”

Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald said she also supported the motion to have O’Moore Place and St John’s Square insulated.

Cllr Dwane also asked for no 57 and no 59 in O’Moore Place refurbished and tenanted.

“I have a list of young people who would love to have one of those houses. The residents would like to see them refurbished and tenanted with young people,” she said.

The town manager said the council was in the process of selling the houses and both were ‘sale agreed’ at present.




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