Obstructed drug search

A Portlaoise man who had to be handcuffed to stop him obstructing a garda drug search of his house was last week fined €100.

The home of Sam Touhey, at 16 Millbrook, Portlaoise, was searched on April 21. Inspector Aidan Farrelly gave evidence at last week’s district court, that Touhey became aggressive and attempted to block the gardaí going up the stairs. He pushed a garda, but the officer did not fall. Touhey was then handcuffed so the search could continue. A bag of cannabis valued at €10 was found in the kitchen.

Touhey has four previous convictions, for drugs and theft.

Defence, Mr Declan Breen said his client wished to apologise to the garda he pushed, as he had reacted badly on the day.

Mr Breen said Touhey suffered from epilepsy and historical brain damage, for which he had been using cannabis to deal with the issues. He is now clean.


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