Older people are ‘stuck in their homes’ in Kilminchy

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Older people living in Kilminchy Village are afraid to leave their homes at night because there are so many street lights not working in the estate, according to Portlaoise Town Councillor Clare Spollen.

She told the recent meeting of Portlaoise Town Council that there are nine lights out in the estate and asked Laois County Council to fix them immediately.

“It’s for the safety of children coming home from school, and older people are stuck in their homes,” she said. “One resident has to look out of her window in the morning before going to her car she’s so scared.”

Cllr Spollen was informed in a written reply from the central area office that all lights are fixed once it is recorded for repair. Some parts of Kilminchy have not been taken in charge by Laois County Council, therefore the council cannot repair any lights where the estate is not yet in charge.

“There are three developers up there who haven’t given the go-ahead for Laois County Council to take it in charge,” said Cllr Jerry Lodge. “We should serve enforcement notices on the developers, keep the pressure on to get some answers. Let the council take them in charge.”

Cllr Caroline Dwane requested an update at the next council meeting regarding which areas of Kilminchy have been taken in charge.

Council engineer, Mr Tom O’Carroll told the meeting that all lights will be fixed once the relevant parts of the estate have been taken in charge by Laois County Council.


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