Open disclosure to families is an ‘important policy’ says HSE

While the families of some of the babies who died in Portlaoise had to fight for information, the HSE claims it only witholds information in exceptional circumstances.

One family had to wait four years for information on why their child died. This was only after the Molloy r family fought the HSE to get information.

“It is HSE policy to inform parents and patients when a review is carried out. There are rare exceptions, where for confidential personal and/or social reasons, it is not possible to inform the family,” said the HSE.

The executive said that the implementation of the Open Disclosure policy, which was launched in November 2013, is part of a commitment to improving how the health services inform patients and families when “things go wrong”.

It said work is underway in hospitals and primary care services “to give full effect to this important policy”.

“Considerable preparation, support and staff training is required to support this significant cultural change for the Irish health services,” it said.




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