Paediatrics shut down by drunk, abusive man

A Portlaoise man has been sentenced to three months in prison for being so abusive to hospital staff that the paediatrics unit had to be shut down.

William Delaney, 23 Jessop Street, Portlaoise, was charged with being intoxicated, and failure to comply with the gardaí, at the A+E department of the Midlands Hospital on January 10.

Inspector Aidan Farrelly gave evidence that Delaney was abusive to staff in the A+E department and refused to leave. He then went to paediatrics, where the whole unit had to be shut down as he lay down in the stairwell and was obstructing staff.

Delaney has 27 previous convictions, three for public order offences.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said Delaney’s child was in the hospital.

“This is appalling, the staff are under severe pressure as it is. Having to close down the paediatrics unit is simply not acceptable,” said Judge Staines.

The judge ruled as outlined. Recognisance was fixed in the event of an appeal.


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