‘People sick of politicians’ - Brennan

Independent Cllr Ben Brennan who won a seat in the Port Graiguecullen area says it was “a hard fought campaign” from the word go.

“People are in such pain and hardship, your heart went out to them. They are sick of politicians but I told them I wasn’t a politician, I was a worker,” he said.

The DSP supervisor kept his campaign trail around his home area of Crettyard.

“I felt that if you can’t get a vote in your own area, you will not get it from people who don’t know you,” he said.

He believes independent councillors are best.

“You are not bound by any party whip, so you can talk or vote,” he said.

Out after 29 years as a county councillor is Port’s Ray Cribbin, who ran as an Independent after leaving Fianna Fáil four months ago, unhappy with what he termed ‘skullduggery”.

“Of course I am disappointed. I was hopeful, maybe too hopeful. Sinn Féin had a big impact but Aidan Mullins is a very capable guy, he will make a good councillor. The campaign was good, I would like to thank my team, my sons Brian and Barry, and I am forever grateful to the people of Emo area and Port for electing me,” he said.

Kevin Scully from Vicarstown who ran under the energy reform banner was philosophical about being eliminated after 480 votes.

“I am happy, it was a worthwhile experience, we printed 5,000 fliers and raised awareness.

I feel a sense of achievement, it’s a tough job. A few more votes and I was in the mix. I was very disappointed with your paper’s article, it didn’t help,” he said.


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