Plan for Main St has to be right

Portlaoise mayor Cllr Willie Aird is “looking forward to seeing what Gerry Murphy has” up his sleeve with regards the economic reinvigoration of Portlaoise Main Street.

At the meeting of Portlaoise Town Council, in a written response to Cllr Aird, Laois County Council head of finance Gerry Murphy revealed that a scheme to encourage people to open businesses on Main Street should be in place by the end of February.

Cllr Aird displayed a healthy scepticism, however, pointing out that the issue had been raised at previous meetings and was still a work in progress.

“How long is a piece of string?” mused Cllr Aird. “We have to encourage people in business to continue to trade, traders in Portlaoise are finding it very difficult and it’s of huge importance that this package (to encourage business) is done right.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what Gerry Murphy has,” he said.


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