Port man kicked off mirrors on two cars

A Portarlington man whose solicitor admitted had been “a complete and utter nuisance” has been ordered to pay full compensation for kicking the wing mirrors off parked cars.

Kamil Cruk, 9 Ballymorris Manor, Portarlington, was charged with two counts of criminal damage, at Foxcourt Street, Port, on January 6.

Inspector Aidan Farrelly gave evidence that two wing mirrors were damaged on two cars, and in CCTV footage Cruk could clearly been seen kicking the mirrors off. The damage to one vehicle was €449, and the damage to the other was €347.

Defence, Ms Anne Manning said her client, a 21-year-old Polish national, had been suffering from anxiety at the time as his father had been in hospital. He went out and drank spirits, which “caused him to snap”.

Cruk was also charged with a public order incident at Kilnacourt Wood, Port, on December 6 last year.

Inspector Farrelly told the court that gardaí were dealing with an incident on the day when Cruk, who was intoxicated, became involved and refused to leave the scene. He was directed to leave by the gardaí, but became aggressive.

Judge Catherine Staines noted that Cruk had previously been charged with the possession of a knife, and the unauthorised carriage in a car, for which he had been given a six-month suspended sentence.

“And now he’s committed more offences,” remarked the judge.

“He accepts he was a complete and utter nuisance,” admitted Ms Manning.

Defence said that Cruk had €95 in court by way of compensation on the criminal damage charges.

Judge Staines ordered that €50 go to one of the injured parties, and €45 to the other.

The judge put the matter back to October 2, for a probation report. Cruk was told to have €400 in court on that date, €200 for each injured party.




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