Port man urinated in street

A PORTARLINGTON man who lives in a camper van has been ordered by the district court to address his drinking, having been convicted of public order offences.

Inspector Martin Harrington gave evidence that Kevin Costello, of no fixed abode, was detected urinating on Portarlington’s Main Street on October 30. He had earlier been directed to leave the scene by gardaí, as he was drunkenly shouting at passers by.

He was charged with being intoxicated, using threatening or abusive behaviour in public and failure to comply with the direction of the gardaí.

Costello has seven previous convictions, six of which are for public order offences.

Addressing Judge Catherine Staines himself, Costello explained that it had been his father’s birthday so he had decided to take a drink and “one thing led to another”.

“I’m not an alcoholic, I hadn’t been drinking in months,” he said.

“You can get six months in prison,” warned Judge Staines. “Are you willing to attend alcohol awareness treatment?”

“I have no fixed abode,” replied Costello.

Judge Staines ordered a probation report on Costello, telling him that the probation service could help him secure accommodation.

“I have accommodation - a camper van,” he told the judge.

The matter was put back to February 7 next year, with Judge Staines telling Costello: “I want to see that you’re going to address your drinking.”

Before proceedings ended, solicitor Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick came on record as Costello’s defence.


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