‘Real’ men wax for children with autism

Portlaoise Educate Together National Schoo.

Portlaoise Educate Together National Schoo.

Educate Together National School in Portlaoise are calling on all the ‘real’ men out there to get their legs out for a charity waxing night in Barmondays on March 1.

All funds raised on the night will go towards building a sensory room for children with autism.

Children with autism have difficulty with concentration, self-regulation and motor skills, and this room will regulate their senses enough in order to learn and concentrate in a classroom setting.

The room will be padded with crash mats, a ball pit, steam rollers, a trampoline, and much more, and will cost approximately €5,000.

As well as the waxing night, the school has set up stations for old mobile phones so that the school can exchange them for iPads and laptops.

Principal of Educate Together Sinead Ahern spoke about the sensory room, and how it would benefit children with autism.

“When our senses are in balance we feel safe and secure. We are able to focus on our work and be better friends. 

“Providing the children with the opportunity to access what they need is very important to enable them to benefit from a rewarding and reinforcing school day, while accessing the curriculum,” she said.

Stef McGinn is a parent of a child with autism.

“This school is giving children with autism a proper chance at education.

“When these children become over stimulated their behaviour is often viewed as disruptive or bold. This sensory room can take that away.

“It’s a relief to know that the school understands these children and is willing to stand up and help them get the education they need,” she said.

The waxing night will start off at 7pm in Barmondays. There will also be a raffle on the night, and if people wish to make a donation or give a spot prize contact Stef McGinn on 087 9192944 or Michaela Fitzpatrick on 0851606944.




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