Six As on the treble for Heywood CS students

Three male students at Heywood Community School in Ballinakill topped the Leaving Cert exams in Laois, with six As apiece.

David Dalton, Daniel Delaney and Evan Ladd took top honours, while principal of the co-ed school Phil Bowe was pleased with the overall result.

David Dalton got 615 points, and was taking it in his stride.

“I was surprised, I wasn’t expecting it, but I did a lot of hard work and it paid off. I was more excited than nervous about the results,” he told the Leinster Express.

He is not rushing into a course.

“I am not sure yet, I have a college course in UCD, but I might take a year out, for a bit of craic, and to make some money. Ask me next week after the CAO offers,” said David, who says economics, business or maths would be his chosen fields.

He got an impressive five A1s in economics, business, maths, history and English, and an A2 in religion.

While maths took steady work throughout the year, he crammed for other subjects like economics.

His advice to other students is “don’t stress, and for certain subjects, don’t try and cram at the end”.

Principal Bowe said 95 percent of his students will head on to third level.

“More go on to do apprenticeships and ag college. I am really pleased for all the students, and for their teachers as well for their hard work, and parents for supporting the school and their children, they all did very well,” he said.

“Most seemed extremely happy with their results. You will always have the high fliers like our three students, but I am most pleased with the overall results,” he said.

The uptake in honours Maths was higher this year he said.

“I am really pleased with the uptake, and with the results, and also with honours English, French and German. I am very pleased with them all and I wish the m the best of luck” he said.




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