Smart Laois ladies

THE ladies of Laois are outperforming their male counterparts in the education stakes.

60% or 5,681 of the 9,447 third level graduates in the O’Moore County are female compared with 40% or 3,766 male graduates.

However, the number of people in Laois with a third level qualification is below the national average.

Results from Census 2011, indicate that 24% of people (aged 15 and over in Laois) had a third level qualification, compared to 31% for the State as a whole. 19% were college graduates.

23% of Laois women who’ve ceased full time education were third level graduates compared with 15% of men.

A total of 129 people who had completed their education held a Doctorate (PhD) level qualification.

The social sciences, business and law category was by far the most popular field of study among all those with post-secondary school qualifications in the county, with 3,762 persons holding a qualification in this area.

6,179 persons (12% of those whose full time education had ceased) had completed their full-time education before the age of 16.




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