Students enjoy fruits of labour in Portlaoise

Among the excellent results recorded at Portlaoise College this year, students on the college’s repeat Leaving Cert programme enjoyed on average an increase of over 100 points.

“We are extremely proud of all our students,” said Portlaoise College school principal Noel Daly. “I am absolutely delighted with the results from the school overall. The students worked very hard and most of them saw the fruits of their labour on results day. I have no doubt that they will go on to achieve even greater success in university.”

Mr Daly said they were particularly delighted with this year’s English results, with a number of students achieving A1 grades. Mr Daly also highlighted the results achieved by the students on the repeat Leaving Cert programme, who on average saw an increase of over 100 points.

One such student was Leanne, who said that it was a huge relief to finally receive her results and to see that she had increased her points on last year by 110.

“I didn’t let myself think about it all summer, I am surprised and relieved. It had been hanging over us all summer so it is a huge relief,” she said, revealing that she now hopes to go on to study physics.

45 pupils sat the Leaving Cert at Portlaoise College, with top scores of over 550 being recorded. A majority will now go on to third level education, and Mr Daly said that across the board the students had attained their potential.

“This is a great boost for the school and I’m very proud of all of our students who all put in a lot of work and thankfully this appears to have paid off,”he said. “I would like to congratulate all the students and their parents, most of them are very happy with how it went. We wish them well in third level and their future careers.”

Mr Daly added that yesterday (Monday) was the big day for students when they find out their CAO choices, with many of the Portlaoise College students hoping for courses related to technology, sciences, games development, architecture and healthcare.


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