Teen speeder avoids disqualification

An 18 year old Dublin man who was caught driving at 185kph in a 120kph zone on a Laois motorway, escaped a disqualification by donating half his savings to the court poorbox, at Portlaoise District Court last Thursday.

John Robert McDonagh of 63 New Road, Clondalkin, faced a charge of careless driving, when he drove his mother’s new car at high speed on May 20, on the way back from Kerry to Dublin.

Solicitor Philip Meagher spoke at length to defend his young client, saying he was “worried sick” since the incident, and was willing to give to charity the €2,000 he had saved to buy a car of his own, to avoid losing his licence. He said while Mr McDonagh worked for his father who owned a roofing company, he would lose his job if he could not drive, and had already faced the wrath of his parents for his “stupidity”.

Judge Cathere Staines noted the offer of the savings, and the possibility of the job loss.

“You were driving at a very fast speed, it was fortunate there wasn’t an accident. If €1,000 is paid I won’t disqualify you on this occasion, on the basis that your father and mother have taken you in hand,” she said.


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