Theme park mooted for the Rock

The Rock could soon be home to a vast entertainment complex

The Rock could soon be home to a vast entertainment complex

Laois’ most famous historical landmark may soon be the home of a multi million dollar theme park, following confirmation that an international Asian based consortium is in negotiations with the State to buy or lease the Rock of Dunamaise.

The company, which has interests in theme parks worldwide, is believed to be in “tentative talks” with the Government on the proposal, which would see the Rock becoming the centre for an elaborate theme park.

A spokesperson for the company said that negotiations were proceeding well.

“This is a new departure for us. We have been looking at historic sights around the world with a view to their incorporation into theme parks. The Rock of Dunamaise fullfills all the criteria for what we have in mind.

“Our vision is to create a modern 21st century experience, which utilises the history and natural features of the site. We stress that while what is envisaged could be classed as revolutionary, it will be in keeping with the integrity of the Rock of Dunamaise.

“It will also serve as a template for a reappraisal of the use of historic sights around the world, and we would be delighted to pioneer this initiative in Laois.”




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