Timahoe NS bus robbed in Dublin

The bus driver for Timahoe NS students had a lucky escape when confronted by two opportunistic thieves in Dublin recently.

The bus was on its way back from the RDS where schoolchildren were participating in the Primary Science Fair and had stopped at McDonalds in Kylebrook. All children and teachers were off the bus and inside the restaurant, while the driver stayed on board.

Two young men believed to be teenagers entered the bus - one from the front and one from the back. As soon as the driver saw them he challenged them and they ran away. However before they escaped, they stole three children’s schoolbags. Luckily all the children had their phones and money on them in the restaurant.

Security were called and the local Gardaí came and took details of the crime. Nobody was hurt in the incident, and although everyone was shaken up from the event, they did not let it dampen their spirits after a very successful excursion to the science fair. At the fair the students received an award for the third year in a row, for their project based on wind turbines.

For more on how Timahoe did at the fair, see page 36.




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