TY has ‘big part to play’ in results

Transition year may be the key to a successful leaving certificate if the results of students from St Mary’s CBS, Portlaoise according to teaching staff..

Nearly a quarterof the students in the CBS got over 400 points, out of which 90 percent did transition year.

Principal Maura Murphy told the Leinster Express that transition year gives students that extra bit of maturity and confidence.

“The students are a year older, and that makes a huge difference.

“They also get a break from study. It makes them realise that there’s a whole other world out there outside of school.

“It broadens their horizons and gives them career ambitions,” she said

One in ten students in St Mary’s received over 500 points, with the highest points being 560.

In line with the national trend, 25 percent of CBS students did higher level maths this year, achieving an extra 25 CAO points in the process.

According to Ms Murphy, most of the students will now be heading to third level education in September.

“25 percent of the students got over 400 points, and 10 percent got over 500, so they did very well, and I’m very happy.

“Out of those who got over 400 points, 90 percent did transition year. It just goes to show that it plays a big part in the students doing their best.

“Most of the students will be heading to third level now,” she said.

During transition year the students get work experience and some insight into different careers.

“We do a law module which is excellent, and last year we did a course with the Over 55s group, which broke down any barriers they might of had with older people,” she said.

Ms Murphy spoke about the pressure that comes with the leaving certificate, and offers some advice for those who may be unhappy with their results.

“Pressure is a part of life, and the students will soon have to handle the stresses and strains of third level.

“Remember, don’t lose heart, and keep calm. Once you get your choice of course on CAO day then nothing else should matter.

“There are so many ways of getting into courses now, through PLCs and the different fetac levels.

Ms Murphy said that if a student is very unhappy then they should consider repeating the year.

“You must be in the right mindset though. It’s only one extra year, and some people just need that extra bit of maturity,” she said.




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