Upgrade of pump station at Woodgrove

The county council have still not taken in charge the Woodgrove Estate in Portlaoise, meaning an illegal sewerage connection still exists which has in the past caused sewage to back up into the garden of a house.

At the recent meeting of Portlaoise Town Council in County Hall, Cllr Caroline Dwane asked for an update on the taking in charge of Woodgrove Estate and an update on the derelict site at Woodgrove Lawns. She said there was very little left to be done in the estate.

“The residents requested many years back to have the estate taken in charge,” said Cllr Dwane. “There’s an illegal sewerage connection from Woodgrove Mews where four houses are tapped into a private house, it should never have happened,” she said.

In relation to Woodgrove Lawns, Cllr Dwane said she had written to the bank that owns the derelict site but had received no reply from them.

She said that children are playing on the site where there are building materials lying around, and she asked the council to pursue the bank on it.

She was supported by her party colleague, Cllr Clare Spollen, who urged the council to take the estate in charge as soon as possible.

The councillors were informed through a written reply from Angela McEvoy of the planning department, read out to the meeting by Portlaoise town clerk, Pamela Tynan, that an upgrade of the pump station in Woodgrove would be carried out within two weeks, weather permitting.

An inspection will then be carried out to ascertain if this estate can be recommended for taking in charge, Ms McEvoy said. The planning section are currently examining the derelict site at Woodgrove Lawns and deciding on appropriate action.

Speaking after the meeting to the Leinster Express, Cllr Dwane explained that the developer of Woodgrove Mews had connected the sewerage mains from four houses near the entrance of the estate to a private residence.

She said that the connection has caused ongoing problems for the occupants of the house, as sewage backed up and spilled out into their back yard.

“Whoever oversaw it either turned a blind eye to it, or wasn’t aware,” she said.




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