Walk breaths new life into Emo

Emo Court has seen a big increase in visitors since the opening of the new lake walk.

“Since the full lake walkway opened at Emo Court last month, there has been an increase in the number of visitors to the grounds. It is wonderful to see so many people, from far and near, travelling to Emo to enjoy the lake, forest walk and large green spaces for picnics,” said Cllr Tom Mulhall.

“At weekends in particular the grounds are full of people and the overflow car park is constantly in use. The investment made by the OPW to develop the walkway was most definitely a smart choice because so many people are making use of the facility.

“The walkway has breathed new life into Emo village. There is always plenty of activity in the area and local businesses are getting more custom from visitors,” he said.

He looks forward to seeing more visitors in Emo over the summer thanks to the new amenity.




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