Wheelchair user shouted obscenity

A WHEELCHAIR user who shouted obscenities in the street before he urinated onto the road had been put on probation and advised to seek treatment for his drinking.

Last week’s Portlaoise District Court heard that Kilkenny man Paul Barry was out on temporary release from custody when he committed the offences at Lyster Square, Portlaoise, on August 17. Inspector Martin Harrington said that Barry was observed shouting lewd and obnoxious remarks at members of the public, before he urinated onto the road. He was subsequently brought to hospital.

Inspector Harrington told Judge Catherine Staines that Barry has 131 previous convictions.

Defence, Mr Philip Meagher explained that his client suffered with drink and addiction problems and he said his behaviour was out of the ordinary.

On the day in question, Costello had travelled to Portlaoise to visit a friend, but upon arrival in the town he discovered that his friend had died tragically so he started drinking heavily.

“He’s unclear of what he did,” admitted Mr Meagher.

Judge Staines put the matter back to February 7 for a probation report and ordered Costello to engage with addiction treatment if the probation service deemed it appropriate.


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