No make-up selfies pictures for cancer

TV presenter S�le Seoige's 'no make-up selfie'

TV presenter S�le Seoige's 'no make-up selfie'

There is an incredible craze at the moment, called the “no make-up selfie”. What is a selfie? It’s a picture that a person takes of themselves while holding their smartphone at arm’s length. Women all over the country are taking these pictures of themselves without makeup and posting them on their facebook page, while donating €4 to a cancer charity by texting Pink to 50300.

Sile Seoige posted a picture that showed her faint red scar from her successful battle with thyroid cancer.

The incredible honest Majella O’Donnell who shaved her hair off on ‘The Late Late Show’ and raised a remarkable €600,000 for the Irish Cancer Society on that occasion put up her no makeup selfie on facebook.

Grainne Seoige made two great points. “Bravery and a beauty that comes from within is not something that you see on the cover of a magazine.” She also said “There’s a sense of doing something very much out of your comfort zone”

Bravery and a beauty that comes from within -

Many people avoid conversations, people, places as they are afraid of being judged as negative or weak. In the therapy room people who often experience panic or phobias use avoidance as their main strategy to manage fears. To break the cycle of fear you need to break the cycle of avoidance and this takes bravery. This bravery comes from within.

By tackling fears step-by-step they are walking back into their life. They are becoming their Real Self.

In terms of beauty coming from within, I think about this in the context of self-esteem. Self-esteem can be described as a person’s positive or negative evaluation of their own self-worth. Self-esteem relates to beliefs for example ‘I am loveable’, ‘I am worthy’, ‘I am shameful’ etc.

Too many people hide their Real Self and their self esteem gets crushed. In the context of selfies, people are saying I am human, this is how I really am. I am OK. I am strong, robust and resilient enough to accept who I am regardless of the potential criticism from others.

For me, I see the community component to these selfies, be it that it’s all being done online, as incredible positive. Women are connecting with each other and, this gives power, breaks down barriers, reduces avoidance, promotes bravery and increases self-esteem while required research monies has flowed into Irish Cancer Society.

Get out of your comfort zone

Are you comfortable in your comfort zone? Here your activities and behaviours fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. It provides a state of mental security. You benefit in obvious ways: regular happiness, low anxiety, and reduced stress. However you life can get stale or grow small as you are never really challenged. When you pushing yourself outside of the comfort zone you will get the following benefits;


Pushing your personal boundaries can help you hit your stride sooner, get more done, and find smarter ways to work.

ability to adapt

You’ll have an easier time dealing with new and unexpected changes. Choosing to occasionally live outside your comfort zone can prepare you for life changes that force you out of it!

You’ll find it easier to push your boundaries in the future. Once you start stepping out of your comfort zone, it gets easier over time. 


You’ll find it easier harness your creativity. Seeking new experiences, learning new skills, and opening the door to new ideas inspire us and educate us in a way that little else does.

Well done to all those selfies!




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