Better to be safe than sorry with CCTV plans

Plans are now underway to install CCTV cameras in the village of Camross and the surrounding area.

Camross Community Alert held a meeting last Thursday January 30 in the Community Hall in an attempt to improve the quality of the local community alert.

Local Councillor Michael Lalor said that the CCTV cameras would be installed within the next few months.

“The cameras will be installed in various locations around the village, at Scully’s Cross, Coolrain, Killinure where the church and school is, and Conroy’s Cross.

“It will cost around €10,000 to cover that much. The Garda procedures are all put in place and the cameras will be up and running within the next few months, as soon as we have the funds.

“We’ll have a house to house collection and a few different events, like a table quiz, to raise money. The local lottery will donate some too,” he said.

Other topics discussed on the night were the text alert service, looking after the elderly and vulnerable in the community, and the election of a new committee.

Cllr Lalor said that the location of Camross made it open to crimes such as theft.

“We’re close to the Tipperary border so there’s many different roads out of the area. We haven’t had any major incidences of crime but it’s better to be safe than sorry,” he said.

A number of incidences of theft have been reported in the area over the past year, including that of heating oil, diesel and tools. Damage to property, an attempted house burglary, and a stolen trailer have also been reported.

Camross Community Alert were quick to inform locals.




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