Clonaslee lads won’t be breaking the bank

The country’s future depends on clean banks so who better to make sure this happens than the next generation.

This the third year that AIB Build a Bank Programme has run in Clonaslee College with the transition year class. Under the programme the bank works students to set up a school bank.

In the past month bank officials spent a day with students to help get the bank on its feet. Each student was interviewed by two AIB staff. These interviews give the students an opportunity to experience what a job interview would be like and help them improve their interview techniques with the feedback they get.

Six students were select. Aidan Fitzpatrick was chosen as the bank manager, while Andrew Horan will become assistant manager. Cormac White took the role as auditor, while Brian Doyle took charge of sales and marketing. Joseph Shelly and Patrick Downey were given the positions of tellers for the school bank.

Once the positions had been filled, the management team had their first meeting where bank official gave examples of successful school banks.

The students were given a marketing budget to get them up and running. They can use the budget to organise an event or get in a celebrity to help promote the bank. The students plan to get a sporting celebrity to launch the bank.

AIB say the Build a Bank program, which is in its 11th year nationally, helps students learn different business techniques and money management. It also involves customer service, leadership and teamwork.

If a school does particularly well their project will be entered into the regional finals, where the top four winning schools will get a €250 One4All voucher, and each student will get a €100 One4All voucher.

Winners of all the regional finals will go to the national finals to compete for bigger prizes for the school, as well as the students.


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