Family day gets residents together at Hawthorn Way

From three legged racing to face painting, the family fun day in Hawthorn Way in Portlaoise provided entertainment for all last Saturday August 16.

The event was organised by the Hawthorn Way Residents Committee to encourage neighbours to come together as a community.

Hawthorn Way is in Esker Hills, which is one of Portlaoise’s newest and biggest estates.

Bernie Garvey, chairperson of the committee, told the Leinster Express that getting the residents to contribute to the upkeep of the estate was a challenge they faced.

The committee of nine feel that the contribution towards work, such as getting the greens cut, should be a combined effort.

“The day was organised to get the neighbours together, all for the good of the community. We want to keep the place clean and looking nice, and the greens need to be cut regularly. All the work is being left to a small minority,” she said.

Both children and adults came out for a day of fun and games, food and drinks, and an outdoor movie to finish off.

The fun kicked off at around 3.30pm with lap races around the green, skipping, a sack race, a three legged race, hoola hooping and a dads’ race to name but a few.

The committee did an excellent job in the decor department, with colourful bunting and balloons all around.

Face painting and an abundance of sweets kept the kids happy, big and small.

“It’s all about being happy in your environment,” Ms Garvey said.

“We went around the 89 houses here before, asking for donations of about €8 for the upkeep of the estate, and only about 30 contributed.

“Everybody wants the estate to look nice at the end of the day,” she said.

The committee used the surplus from money that they have collected to put together the fun day. It is hoped that the event will encourage the whole of Esker Hills to come together.


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