From Knockbeg to Monaco for an unforgettable experience

Daniel Fitzgerald Comisky, David Lonergan, Ms Ni Cuillain

Daniel Fitzgerald Comisky, David Lonergan, Ms Ni Cuillain

IT’S not every day people get the opportunity to visit Monaco, one of the richest places in the world, and present their ideas on innovation in the Irish tourism sector to the CEOs of major corporations from around the world.

This year’s GTTP student conference was held from November 17 to November 22 at the Le Meridian Beach Plaza. Students from every corner of the globe came to represent their country and showcase their ideas.

Knockbeg College’s initial winning case-study was on how PaddyWagon tours provide a unique and innovative service to tourists in this country.

This led to students Daniel Fitzgerald Comisky and David Lonergan along with teacher Ms Ni Cuillain preparing a 40 minute presentation to showcase the idea to the other representatives, directors of the GTTP and other important people in the tourism business who were in attendance, such as the CEOs of KDS and Hertz.

The trip was a mix of business and fun, with the stay in Monaco also being the reward for winning.

They had planned activities during the day when the conference wasn’t in progress and after dinner they had free time. They visited Nice and had organised tours of the city of Monte Carlo.

On the last night the group were given a wonderful opportunity to talk to some of the most successful people in the tourism business.

They had formal dinner with the CEOs and representatives from the sponsoring corporations, like Hertz, Lufthansa and Starwood Hotel group, who shared their opinions on the state of the industry and talked to them about how they managed to become so successful in each of their areas.

The students said that they gained a huge amount from the trip which was a once in a lifetime experience for them.

“This trip changed how we viewed and understood tourism and helped us to develop a keener interest in the tourism business, but from this trip we made many friends and contacts, some that will remain with us for years to come.

This trip was an unforgettable experience”.


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