House for the homeless in Laois was vandalised

Simon Community

Simon Community

A new property has had to be designated to help people who are homeless after it emerged that a house used for the purpose in Portlaoise was vandalised.

The Simon Community had used a house in Cherrygrove, Portlaoise and are transferring to Esker Hills. Although the proposal to transfer from Cherrygrove to Esker Hills was proposed and seconded by Cllrs Jerry Lodge and Willie Aird, Cllr Aird asked for information on the matter at Laois County Council this week.

Michael Rainey of the council’s housing department said that the transfer would be better for all involved.

“The Simon Community had a property in Cherrygrove which had been vandalised. We agreed that we would take tenancy of the property and that they would take over the property in Esker Hills. It will be a homeless transitional unit and some areas don’t suit that, if premises are left unattended. It is in the best interests of everybody,” he said

Last yer five people in Laois were given long time housing. A further 25 were helped as part of Simon’s regional settlement service.




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