Housing shortage ‘crisis’

Cllr Caroline Dwane has asked Laois County Council to help address the housing shortage in the county.

In a notice of motion at this month’s council meeting, she asked the council to call on the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government to address as a matter of urgency, the housing shortage in the county.

“The housing situation in Laois is deteriorating every week, with over 1,300 on the council waiting list. In the recent training for new councillors, we got a run down on the housing situation from Michael Rainey. We were told there are up to 15 units for reletting, some need to be refurbished. The private sector are reluctant to take on rental subsistence as the private market is coming back. This is no criticism of the housing department, they are dealing with loaves and fishes with 15 units and 1,300 on the waiting list. This is a good opportunity for the government to start building houses for social housing.”

She was supported by Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald.

“Two years ago I said that housing would be the next crisis after banking. There is a crisis with rent allowance, there is nowhere for them to go. It is not just in Dublin, there is a crisis in Laois. Portlaoise is the second highest increase in housing outside of Dublin. I don’t think people realise how serious it is.” Cllr Brendan Phelan also supported this notice of motion.


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