Kilminchy residents’ objections ruled out

An Bord Pleanála overruled Laois County council and granted planning permission for 39 apartments in a three story building on a 1.9 acre site fronting the Dublin Road at East of Bridle Way in Kilminchy, Portlaoise, the Leinster Express reported on its front page on May 8, 2004.

Kilminchy Concerned residents Group says it is very disappointed with the An Bord Pleanála decision.

“We are all in favour of progress and development of our town. Be do believed construction of 39 apartments in a three storey building fronting the Dublin Road at the main entrance into the town and at a very busy roundabout will be as unsightly and hazardouls as the three storey block of 15 apartments currently under construction adjacent to the site in question,” said a spokesperson.

“Our objection to the application for the revised planning permission for the construction of 39 apartments had the support of Laois County Council, 100% cross party support from local councillors and concerned parties.

“In this context it is very difficult to understand the decision of An Bord Pleanála to grant the planning permission as sought and to overrule the decision of local planners and councillors against the will of the public,” said the spokesperson.

Promoting the apartment project were Joe McNamara, a property developer with an address in Waterford and Paul O’Brien, a Limerick-based solicitor.

The 1.9 acre site formed part of the overall scheme for Kilminchy Village and had the planning green light for five houses.

In May 2003, planning permission was sought from the county council to erect on the site a three-storey block of 45 appartments.

The council sought further particulars of the application. In October the developers submitted a revised plan for 39 apartments.

On November 10, have received objections, the county council rejected the application on the grounds that the proposed development would be excessive in terms of size, scale, massing and density.

Accordingly, the council concluded, the project would seriously injure the amenities an be contrary to the proper planning an sustainable development of the area.

In December the developers appealed the council ruling to An Bord Pleanála. Kilminchy residents made a substantial submission reiterating their strong objection to the proposed project.

On April 19 An Bord Pleanála give the goahead subject to a number of conditions. “It is considered that, subject to the compliance with the conditions set out below, the proposed development would not seriously injure the visual or residential amenities of the area and would not seriously injure the visual or residential amenities.


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