Top score Katie Bennett Cuddagh 1st lady Deanna Slevin Killenard 2nd lady Nell Conroy Clough 1st gent U. Cahill Cuddagh 2nd gent M. Slevin Clough. Halves Mai Conroy Camross Mary Dunne Currawn. Raffle winners Kathleen Kennedy Camross Mary Fennelly Cuddagh Tim Keenan Borris-in-Ossory.


In Killasmeestia Community Centre, Friday December 20, 9.30pm.


Knockaroo ICA guild meeting. Joan Kelly presided, secretary Cassie Coss read minutes and correspondence. Arrangements finalized for Laois ICA Choir concert in Knockaroo Church. The guild have made arrangements for an evening out around Christmas. Meeting ended with supper.


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