Leinster Express Times Past from 1832 Priests under attack

December 29,1832 Priests under fire

The Priests. (From the Evening Mail). A great outcry was raised against, and even Petitions to Parliament were founded upon the undue influence exerted by their Reverences the Priests in the Elections of 1825: but their audacity upon that occasion fell far, very far short of the manner in which they acted during the recent contests.

The mysterious power which their religion gives them over the minds as well as the actions of the lower order of their deluded followers, was exercised with a tyrannical despotism, that has no parallel in the history of any country. All the ties that ought to bind the tenant to his landlord, the poor man to the rich, the diseased and destitute to those who cared for him in sickness and relieved him in want, were torn asunder by these msiscreants, who exultingly brought up their victims in the face of their benefactors, and insisted upon their accompanying their acts of base ingratitude by exhibitions of personal insult to their best friends.

God knows these poor creatures are to be pitied, but at the same time, being, as the lower orders of Irish admittedly are, a selfish race, they must be made to feel who are their natural protectors; who their foes; who have the power to smite; who to ward off the blow. That Protestant landlord who henceforward sets one perch of land to a Popish tenant is a fool to himself, and the worst enemy of his country. Irish property is confessedly Protestant, and it now remains with the Proprietory whether they will effect a moral and political regeneration.


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