Local author’s call for Laois people to unveil their true ghost stories

Carlow author Cormac Strain is on the lookout for more true, modern ghost stories from people based in Laois and Kildare.

Maybe people might have heard some spooky stories around the campfire, or maybe they have had experience themselves with ghosts or hauntings.

To date Strain has published Haunted Carlow (2011), Haunted Kilkenny (2012) and Haunted Tyrone (due to be published Halloween 2014) for The History Press Ireland, as well as Banshee (2013 on ebook, audio book and paperback) and The Legend Seekers (due to be published in hardback in 2015) with internationally renowned Ghost Hunter and ex SyFy host Barry Fitzgerald.

Haunted Carlow boasts modern tales of poltergeists in housing estates, phantom voices, ghostly nannies, white ladies and banshees - this isn’t the stuff of oft repeated folklore; these are freshly discovered ghostly tales from the people of Carlow. After scouring the County of the Cats and extensively researching all kinds of stories, Haunted Kilkenny calims to holds the best, modern, first hand paranormal accounts ever put between a front and back page.

Now he wishes to find true, modern ghost stories in Laois and Kildare.

“I’m finding it pretty hard unearthing Laois and Kildare stories. Ironic considering I live in and work in Laois - but I refuse to give up on both counties just yet. I know there are stories out there - I just need people to tell me of them.”

The History Press Ireland have commissioned Mr Strain to cover every county in Ireland as part of their Haunted series.

“I have other counties ready to research so if anyone has any first hand ghost stories, I can be contacted through www.cormacsbooks.com, on Facebook via Haunted Carlow/Kilkenny, on twitter or by phoning 087 995 7275”, he said.




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