McEvoy urges ‘flutter’ on Laois’ Rose Teresa

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Laois Rose Teresa Brennan enjoyed a presentation from Laois county councillors on Monday last at their June meeting.

In particular Cllr Paschal McEvoy advised everyone to place a bet on her doing well in Tralee.

“We should all have a bit of a flutter on her, and if she doesn’t win, the mother could.”

He was one of many councillors who praised Teresa on her performance at the regionals.

The Rose herself was in high spirits at the meeting.

“Thank you, it is an absolute honour for me and my parents Ignatious and Bernadette to be here. It is a very exciting time in Barrowhouse at the moment. It is a small community but goes to great efforts.”

She told councillors about the wonderful time she had at the regional finals in Portlaoise in June, stating that she and her friends would be coming back to support the event next year.

“Word on the streets during the regional festival was that Tralee is great, but Portlaoise is the real party. Thank you all for your help, support and kind words. Whatever the outcome may be, we’re going along to have a good time in Tralee.”

Tourism Officer Dominic Reddin said that the Rose of Tralee regionals event could not take place without the support from the county manager, staff and elected officials. “It was an added bonus that Teresa made it through. You do feel a sense of pride and happiness.”

County manager Peter Carey also passed on his congratulations to Teresa.

“It is a fantastic achievement to get through. We are all hugely proud of Teresa, your performance was exquisite. No doubt you’ll do Laois, yourself and your family proud.” Teresa was then presented with a photo as well as a beautiful bunch of flowers.




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