Mountrath talks for parents on tackling cyber bullying

a SERIES of talks on cyber bullying will be held next week in Mountrath to raise parental awareness of cyber bullying.

The Mountrath Community School parents association have, with the backing of the school organised the evening of talks for next Tuesday night, Tuesday, February 5.

The organisers say two main topics will be covered on the night.

Ms Siobhan McCarthy (vice principal, Mountrath Community School) will give the first presentation on cyberbullying.

She will advise on how parents should talk to children about cyber-bullying and not wait until it happens.

Ms McCarthy will provide information about safer mobile phone and internet use and how they can be used in a negative way

She will also give some advice on when to intervene in cases of cyber-bullying.

The vice-principal will also explore how young people can be given confidence to respond effectively to cyber-bullying

She also has some help on saving evidence of bullying and reporting any incidents to the service provider and/or the Gardaí.

Mr. Tom Mullen (CEO Techcheck) will give a second talk on internet safety.

He will exlpain what the internet is and how it is acessed. He will also outline the types of devices used by teenagers from pcs to tablets and i-phones.

He will also explain about operating systems, internet browsers and how to acess them securely.

Mr Mullen will also go into detail about what a parent should know and cand use to police internet use.

He will speak about the following: anti-virus programs, firewalls, spyware, passwords, on-ine threats, ID theft. general usage guidelines, using email safely, free software, social networking, skype, file sharing, broadband packages

The talks will start at 7pm sharp. There will be a short interval between the talks. Tea and coffee will be served. There will also be a Q&A session at the end of each talk.

Entrance to the talks is free and all are welcome. Should you require any further information please contact Pierre Hanneffy


Mountrath Community School Parent’s Association. E:


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