New Communergy committee formed

THE Mountmellick Community School Communergy green schools committee had their second meeting of the year. The meeting started off by introducing the existing members of Communergy along with two new senior students to the rest of the committee that is comprised of first and second year students.

We then discussed what our plans for the year of 2012-2013 are for the Green Schools Committee. The senior students then spoke to the committee about how we aim to get the schools third green school flag which is based on the theme of water. The whole committee got involved in discussing what we would do this year to get our green flag and raise awareness of water conservation in our school, homes and community.

Eoghan then showed the committee a demonstration to show how much usable water is available in the world, he started of with a large bottle of water representing the whole worlds water supply, he then divided the water into two separate amounts: the water which is usable and the water which we can’t use. We then found out that only 1 per cent of the worlds water supply is usable. The committee members were all shocked and surprised by the demonstration.

Next, we divided each of the junior members into groups of four or five people. Each group was assigned both a task and a group leader for the year ahead. Some of the tasks included: water wardens, poster committee, PR committee, exhibition helpers etc. As each group was assigned a team leader, the junior students will be mentored and assisted by the senior leaders. We are currently holding a slogan competition. You can see these slogans and keep up to date with all the green schools activities through facebook, twitter and our app ‘Communergy’.


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