Stradbally’s young singers

Children getting ready to perform

Children getting ready to perform

Last week almost 80 extremely excited pupils from St Coleman’s NS in Stradbally, along with their teachers, departed the school to take part in the Hallelujah Concert in City West.

Young Voices is the largest school choir organiser in the world and currently organises over 14 capacity concerts a year in the UK and Ireland’s leading Arenas. Each year over 2,500 schools, 90,000 children 6,000 teachers and 120,000 family and friends come together to enjoy music and celebrate singing.

Under the direction of teachers Bernadette Ashe, Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Bernadette Moran and Anna McDonald the pupils have practiced and perfected over 70 songs with dance moves. Teachers suspect that parents now also know all the moves.

The day and the performance was fun, exciting and an educational experiences for all involved.

It was an inspirational experience that will encourage further participation in music and singing. It was also confidence building among children by bringing together so many choirs under one roof, for one day, for one aim: to sing, and gave life-long and lasting memories that will endure far beyond school days for the students who travelled up on the day.




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