Unanimous support for Empire as repeal is overthrown

The Repealers are down, and every honest man in the empire exults and glories in their overthrow.

Their hopes of “have and spoil and ruin” are blasted. We are more than every an integral portion of the empire , and the waters of the Atlantic still lash a shore which is neither subject to Mr O’Connell nor tributary to General Jackson.

Our lives and our possessions, our altars and firesides, have experienced a signal deliverance.

England has spoken with one voice; Scotland has sent back the cry; and Ireland, in despite of violences and threats, and uproar, and cajoling and falsehood, has recorded her unequivocal determination to uphold the Union.

From Carrickfergus to Cape Clear from Orkney to Cornwall, the nation standard floats in unconquered majesty, and the universal mid and will, and virtue of the empire, devoutly adopts and ratifies its unfading motto -- “Esto Perpetu”.

Who are they that presume to resist this magnificent combination?

Let us review them as briefly as we may the analysis will be curious, and may be instructive:

First, There are eight of us one fifth of the whole crew, bound by every tie, public and domestic, to the interests of Mr O’Connell.

Their names are: Daniel Ipse, Maurloe, Morgan, John, Charles O’Connell; fitzimon, Finn, and Baldwin; the last like Banquo’s ghost, holds a minor in his hand to stretch out the line, and cries, “there are eight millions of us”.


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