‘We couldn’t believe how quick they picked up the skills’

Before the students and staff from Portlaoise College left Gambia, they went back to Jamisa Yiriwa Nursery to see what the children thought of their freshly painted school.

The group broke up into teams and they each took a class to teach using their paintings on the walls.

Student Laura Kolca said that it was great to be able to teach these children something new.

“We taught them about the weather, different animals, numbers, shapes and the days of the week. We used the paintings on the wall to help in our teaching.

“Each group came up with a nursery rhyme and all the children learned it and sang it for us at the end. It was great to see that we had left some of our knowledge behind in Gambia,” she said.

The group also thought the Gambian students how to play hurling, and student Eoghan O’Neill said that they were quick to pick it up.

“We brought some hurls and sliotars with us to Gambia because we taught it would be a good idea to teach them about the Irish culture.

“We couldn’t believe how quick they picked up the skills of our beloved game. After a few minutes they were able to catch and strike the ball like they had been playing for years.

“When we return again we hope to bring out enough hurls so we could play a real game with them,” he said.




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