Camross win twice after bizarre Palmer Cup semi-final

Camross had the unusual distinction of winning this Palmer Cup semi-final twice on Sunday morning, as they were forced into extra time after their second half goal was chalked down as apoint.

The controversy surrounded a shot taken by Zane Keenan in the 54th minute. He lauched a shot for a point from midfield, which Borris-Kilcotton goalkeeper Eoin Fleming thought was going over the bar, but got held up in the wind and appeared to drop into the net.

A goal was signalled, but referee Brochan Reilly thought it had gone over the bar. At the final whistle, Camross were adamant they had won by two points, but Borris-Kilcotton claimed the ball had indeed gone over the bar, but dropped through a whole in the net, to give the appearance of a goal.

It was farcical stuff in truth, but the outcome of it all was that instead of the game ending 1-14 to 1-12, it was marked down as 0-15 to 1-12, so it went to extra time.

Zane Keenan eventually pointed Camross to the win in extra time, but they were made to battle all the way by a resolute Borris-Kilcotton side.

Ciaran Comerford kept them in the game for long spells, but Camross eventually just had too much for them.

In essence, it was a slightly understrength Camross side against a really understrength Borris-Kilcotton one, with county players not released a week out from the start of the Leinster championship.

Camross got out to a quick start, as points from Tomás Burke, Zane Keenan (free) and Andrew Collier saw them go three ahead after just seven minutes.

With the strength of the team they had out, it wasn’t too surprising to see them take control early on. Chris Jones finally opened Borris-Kilcotton’s account with a point from 40 yards in the eighth minute, but Aaron Moore cancelled it out within seconds.

That kept Camross three clear, and they were able to maintain a good lead for most of the half, with Ciaran Comerford frees the only source of scores for Borris-Kilcotton, who trailed by four at half time, 0-9 to 0-5.

The half-time break seemed to offer more benefit to Borris-Kilcotton, who came out strongly on the restart. Comerford pointed three frees, Keenan responded with one for Camross, before Comerford then rocketed a penalty to the net, after a foul on Alan Drennan.

That put Borris-Kilcotton a point up, but Zane Keenan tapped over a free to level the game, and after that came all the confusion.

In a roundabout way, Camross eventually claimed the win after extra time, and they can now look forward to a date with Clough-Ballacolla in the final.

SCORERS - Camross: Zane Keenan 0-14 (0-11 frees), Darren Gilmartin, Andrew Collier, Tomás Burke, David Mortimer, Aaron Moore 0-1 each; Borris-Kilcotton: Ciaran Comerford 1-11 (1-0 penalty, 0-10 frees), John Wall 0-3, Chris Jones 0-1.

CAMROSS: Tadhg Doran; Martin Burke, Malvin Moloney, Tomás Brickley; Matthew Collier, Gearoid Burke, Damien Keenan; Darren Gilmartin, Zane Keenan; Andrew Collier, Tomás Burke, Dean Delaney; David Mortimer, James Palmer, Aaron Moore. Subs: Paul Delaney for Palmer (51 mins), Murty Delaney for Moore (55 mins), James Palmer for Mortimer (74 mins)

BORRIS-KILCOTTON: Eoin Fleming; Noel Delaney, Owen Bergin, Owen Drennan; Cathal Moynan, Kevin Finlay, Eric Abraham; Danny Fitzpatrick, Conor Kilbane; John Wall, Chris Jones, Alan Drennan; Jamie Dooley, Ciaran Comerford, Frankie Cullinan. Subs: Barry Wall for Dooley (43 mins), Jamie Dooley for Kilbane (63 mins)

Referee: Brochan Reilly (Portlaoise)




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